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In the shop and in the field, Brown Precision has always been a family affair.

In the shop and in the field, Brown Precision has always been a family affair.

An open letter from Mark Brown

As we proceed through the twenty first century, it is easy to see all of the high tech advancements in our world today.  From computers to automobiles, to the way we transfer information.  These advances are particularly evident in the gun industry.  A majority of the production rifles available today utilize synthetic stocks and specialized materials such as stainless steel.  Interestingly, Brown Precision, Inc. was the pioneer of many of these advancements.  Not only were we the inventor of synthetic rifle stocks, but my father, Chet, made and marketed these "high tech" products back in the mid '60s!  Brown Precision, Inc. has also been at the forefront of many other industry innovationsincluding the use of various stock materials, stainless steel barrels, specialized rust proof metal finishes, and numerous other materials and techniques in the manufacturing of custom, and production rifles. 

I have been in this industry most of my life. I am very proud of my father and his willingness to look forward and try new things.  There were many headaches and heartaches along the way, but without his foresight and determination we would not be able to produce the products we do today. In addition, our employees are truly first class.  Their pride and hard work are evident in the quality of products that go out our door.

Of course the people I want to thank most are our loyal customers.  With their encouragement, support, and sometimes active criticisms we are able to manufacture custom rifles that are second to none, and our synthetic stocks are still the standard by which all other synthetic stocks are measured.

Brown Precision is very proud to have been the leader in this industry for nearly 50 years, and with your help we will continue to lead the way for many years to come.

Mark Brown,                       
President, Brown Precision