Precision Rifles

Mark Brown, President, took this eland on a recent trip to Africa

Mark Brown, President, took this eland on a recent trip to Africa

High Performance Rifles 
     … for Serious Hunters
          … by Serious Hunters!

Rifles built upon the experience we've gathered on the benchrest circuit, and personally tested in the field.

Being a serious bunch of hunters, our goal was to combine the best features of our benchrest rifles – extreme accuracy and stability – with the features hunters need most – light weight, strength and reliability.  We think the results speak for themselves:

The Custom High Country™ – lightweight, tough-as-nails and super-accurate, these are rifles you can rely on anywhere and anytime.  Also available – our Custom High Country Take Down Rifle for the traveling hunter, and our Custom High Country Youth Rifle that will grow with the younger shooter.

Pro-Hunter™ – the ideal go-anywhere, do-anything hunting rifle.  Built for professional hunters and guides who depend on absolute reliability and performance for hunting dangerous game under the toughest hunting conditions.

Pro-Hunter Elite™ – the ultimate dangerous game rifle.  A deluxe version of our Pro-Hunter that features the Winchester Model 70 Super Grade action with controlled feed claw extractor.

Pro-Varminter™ – a true 500 yard varmint rig.  With our roots in building guns for benchrest shooters, this is one varmint rig that is truly as accurate as it looks.

Light Varminter™ – a 'Lighter' 500 yard varmint rig.  Basically the same as the Pro Varminter, but with a lighter overall weight for carrying. These are primarily used for coyote, fox, etc. when you don't want to carry a really heavy varmint rifle, but still have all the accuracy of the Pro Varminter.

Tactical Elite™ – developed for both long-range countersniper and urban police work, it combines efficiency and durability with benchrest precision.

Note: As with all of our custom rifles, the options are endless, and we can either provide the rifle's action or use your own.  We invite you to contact us for a personal discussion of your specific needs and desires.