Pro Varminter™

A True 500 Yard Varmint Rig

With Brown Precision's roots in building guns for Benchrest shooters, this is one varmint rig that is truly as accurate as it looks.

Built on either the Remington 700 or 40X action, the Pro Varminter features a hand fitted Shilen Match grade Heavy Benchrest barrel custom chambered in your favorite standard or wildcat varmint caliber.

Custom-bedded in a choice of Brown Precision's Varmint Special, Hunter Bench or 40X Benchrest stock configuration, the Pro Varminter is a full-blown custom rifle that can be specifically tailored to your shooting needs.

Typical configuration* 

Includes fully blueprinted Remington 700 action, Shilen Select Match grade stainless steel barrel, custom chamber, recessed target crown, 'glass bedded Brown Precision Fiberglass stock.

Also available using customer supplied action.  See current Price List for details.

*Please note:  Specifications, prices and availability are accurate to the best of our knowledge, but subject to change without notice.