Brown Precision 2018 SCI Donations

Brown Precision Custom High Country Rifle

Donation NumbSCI Donation 2018_250er: 38527 

Slot: LL011 (Sables Live Auction)

Brown Precision Inc. has been supporting the efforts of SCI for 42 years, and that support continues with the donation of a Brown Precision Custom High Country Rifle. This rifle is the flagship of Brown Precision's line – and has been for almost 50 years! This rifle will feature the Remington 700 action, known for its extreme accuracy and uncompromising strength, in the .270 Winchester caliber. This was the favorite caliber of renowned hunter and writer Jack O'Connor. The action on this rifle is fully blueprinted to meet Brown Precision's exacting standards and features a 22 inch, stainless steel, Ultra Match Grade barrel. To ensure the highest degree of accuracy, the barrel is also cryogenically treated, and custom chambered with a custom target crown. It's a nice light rifle as well! A Swarovski scope has been chosen to sit atop this rifle. The sharpest image, clearest picture and the highest light transmission will ensure success in every hunting condition. Safari Arms, Ltd. will be supplying custom ammunition for this rifle. After discussing your specific needs with John LaSala, he will supply a sampling of his super accurate handloads. Once you have determined the best load for your needs, John will be happy to supply additional ammunition for a reasonable fee. 


Brown Precision Custom High Country Youth Rifle

Donation Number: 38468 

Slot: LL035 (Sables Live Auction)

SCI 2018 Donation_Youth

At Brown Precision,Inc., we know that young shooters are the future of sport hunting. We feel it is our duty to make sure they start out on the right foot. Therefore, we are donating a Brown Precision Custom High Country Youth Rifle. This High Country Youth Rifle is built around the Remington 700 barreled action and is in the ever popular .243 Winchester caliber. This rifle is uniquely designed to grow with your child. The distinctive Brown precision stock design allows us to lengthen the stock as your child grows, insuring the rifle he (or she) starts with will always fit. This is truly a rifle that will last a lifetime. The rifle is equipped with a Leupold rifle scope mounted in Talley Rings.

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