Brown Precision 2016 SCI Donation

Brown Precision, Inc. has proudly been supporting the efforts of SCI for 41 years, and at Brown Precision, we know that young shooters are the future of sport hunting. We feel it is our duty to make sure they start out on the right foot. Therefore, we are donating one of our YOUTH RIFLES to this year’s convention.
This HIGH COUNTRY YOUTH RIFLE is built around the Remington 700 barreled action and is in the ever popular .243 Winchester caliber.

This rifle is uniquely designed to GROW with your child. The distinctive Brown Precision stock design allows us to LENGTHEN the stock as your child grows, ensuring the rifle he (or she) starts with will always fit! When they are fully grown, the rifle they used as a child won’t just sit in the closet with good memories attached, it will still fit, and they will make new memories with it long into adulthood. This is truly a rifle that will last a lifetime!

The 2016 Brown Precision High Country Youth rifle will feature the following:
• Tried and true Remington 700 barreled action…..fully blueprinted.
• 20” Remington barrel with custom target crown
• Brown Precision’s FIBERGLASS/KEVLAR/CARBON FIBER stock, custom ‘glass bedded with fully free floated barrel.
• 12 ¾” length of pull (can be adjusted by Brown Precision if need be)
• ZEISS rifle scope
• Custom tuned trigger to ensure creep free let off

Brown Precision has always advocated for young shooters and has been building High Country Youth Rifles for decades. Please stop by our booth (#2266) and check out our youth display, featuring several rifles and a collection of photos showcasing youth hunters and their prized Brown Precision High Country Youth Rifles throughout the years.

Total value $3200.00


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